Offshore Staffing

What is offshore staffing?

In the process the offshore staffing actually refers to offering the general staffing solutions but a major difference is that the recruitment process and infrastructure is provided by an offshore service provider. Likewise the actually operations are also overseen by them.

What do we offer you?

Clover IT services offers you the most dependable offshore staffing solutions that allow you to respond to most critical aspects of the process. Our strategically designed offshore staffing solution model is the perfect way to recruited the top of the cream talent. We know the importance of offshore recruiting and have been the field of last several years. So, we have the acumen to identify the right talent for you who really delivers. Our strict multi-tier recruitment processes ensure that you should get the gets resources for your manpower needs Besides we also keep on offering skill enhancement training by the Industry leaders to ensure that the new recruits should be current with the latest technology and help in taking your organization to the next level.

The three major actors that we employ while design our entire process are Timeframe, output requirements and most importantly security. We respect your privacy and use the most sophisticated technology to ensure that eth entire series of processes should be soundproof with airtight security. Use of VPN and latest encryption technology helps us to prevent the leakage data. We don’t only have the world class infrastructure and technology but are also practically adept in using the same for the benefit of our clients. Our clean record and a regular clientele are a proof of our success as offshore IT staffing solutions.

We offer

  • Web Development/Designing Projects
  • End to end project management
  • Technical content development and strategy
  • Network Engineering, Administration and complete maintenance
  • Product and software development
  • QA and Testing services
  • Technical support system

Why should you choose us?

  • Minimum cost: Our ethics of fair pricing have allowed us to keep the prices to the minimum; In fact many of our human resources have been working with us for the years at very reasonable packages
  • Quality Assurance: Our manpower offers you the most reliable quality that can is focused at the log tern benefits. All our projects are based on offering the consistent performance.
  • Timely delivery: We assure our clients the timely delivery of their projects. For that we offer you the complete phase management to assure that you should get the delivery on time.