Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Be it software, online retail, travel & tourism, or any other field, the primary concern is not only to attract new customers but, to retain customers and keep them engaged for a longer duration of time. Hereby, there would have been a large number of challenges like assisting the customers in a timely manner, tracking customer concerns, processing heavy volumes of customer data and others, if AI would not have stepped into the picture. So, how do automated customer service, AI-based chatbots, and other AI applications improve the customer experience? Well, hereby, we will be talking about the artificial intelligence meaning and its importance in customer service. Furthermore, we will be talking about some of the best artificial intelligence companies in India.

How do experts define artificial intelligence meaning?

In regards to artificial intelligence meaning, it may be defined as the ability of computers or a machine to perform a certain set of tasks by using the human-like intelligence that was earlier performed by humans only. Thereby, it can be said that artificial intelligence makes the process more streamlined, organized and eliminates the possibility of making any mistake.

How Artificial Intelligence contributes to customer service?

You all would have once used Google Alexa, Apple Siri, and other such voice assistants and if not, just pick up your phone and say “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri” for the android and iOS devices respectively and upon see, a voice assistant would come up to address your concerns! So, how do these smart assistants work? What makes them talk to humans and like humans? Well, hereby, Artificial Intelligence takes over the charge and inhibits the ability to understand humans and respond accordingly. Following are the ways AI contributes to customer service:-


If we talk about the scenario, where there are traditional customer service assistants, then, there can be two situations, one being where the customer does not get timely responses and in the other case, one would be required to employ more customer service assistants, which would eventually cost more. Now hereby, with automated customer service, what one can achieve is cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and lower the overall operating cost. This thereby not only defines the cost-effectiveness but at the same time, defines the artificial intelligence meaning in the perspective of customer service.

Text Analysis

What makes human intelligence superior to others is the ability to predict human sentiments better based on textual information and hereby, this ability is now withheld by automated customer service bots like Chatbots, which can analyze human sentiments in a better way and accordingly respond to the human concerns. This will thereby lead to a better customer experience and boost the B2C relationship.

Eliminates Uncertainties

No matter how good we as humans are with managing facts and figures, but at some point of time we might make a mistake, and hereby, Artificial Intelligence offers a great sense of accuracy, integrity, and credibility. Thus, with AI-based Chatbots, interaction with humans can be improved and automated to a great extent.

Timely Response

While one may not know when one might come across a customer query, at the same time, it’s way too difficult to remain active 24/7 to address the customer concerns in a timely manner. Hereby, AI-based Chatbots can automate the B2C conversations and thereby facilitate timely replies from the businesses and at the same time improve the customer experience.

Better Customer Reviews Analysis

Since customer reviews play an important role in uplifting the brand value of an organization and thereby, it’s important to understand which of the reviews are positive, negative, and neutral. In this frame, machine learning could sort the reviews on the basis of whether it’s positive or negative and thereby, put the actual picture in front of the management and help them make necessary improvements.

Categorize customer feedback

For the organizations which aspire to improve, it’s important to take a follow up on the customer concerns, suggestions, and feedback in a timely manner. But, in regards to categorizing these feedback based on their relevance, priority, and importance, one may face several difficulties, and hereby, some of the best artificial intelligence companies in India suggest that machine learning algorithms can be quite useful here. It can help one categorize the feedback on the basis of price, quality of the product/service, accessibility, and beyond.

What are some of the best artificial intelligence companies in India?

Since Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for businesses across all domains and can bring great results for all, thereby, it’s important to use this technology wisely and in the right manner. Hereby, it’s important to consider the expert’s views on the artificial intelligence meaning and seek assistance from some of the best artificial intelligence companies in India. Hereby, if one has been wondering where they could find the best artificial intelligence companies in India, then Clover IT Services is a great suggestion that offers chatbot development services, AI consulting services, AI app development services, and beyond.


To sum up, the ability to think rationally, understand sentiments, and make great decisions is no more confined to humans only. With technological advancements, growth in the IT world, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, it’s now available with machines, softwares, and computer programs. Thereby, it’s important to realize the potential of Artificial Technology beyond a certain set of categories, which includes customer services, client-based conversations, and B2C relationships. By embracing the potential of AI across different business areas, one can automate the client-based conversations, facilitate a timely response, offer quick assistance, better customer interaction, and overall improve the customer satisfaction rate. We hope the above context, helped you understand the application of AI beyond gaming, healthcare, education, manufacturing and further understand how Automated customer service can help today’s businesses restore their brand value, retain customers, and offer brand loyalty in a more convenient manner. Thus, every business organization regardless of its type and size needs to embrace AI-based applications for dealing with customer concerns and hereby, there are some of the best artificial intelligence companies in India, which can offer great assistance.

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