10 Business Website Development Trends to Follow in 2021

Finally, the year 2020 is over and we have stepped into a fresh new year with new hopes and aspirations! Likewise, business professionals might be looking for implementing productive and innovative ways to promote and operate their business respectively! So, if in case you have been looking for making some improvements in your business, then, a business website can definitely help. Keeping this under consideration, here we will be talking about the top ten business web development trends for 2021, and in addition to this, we will be talking about the best web development companies in India to work with!

Custom Theme

In the search for a more convenient and hassle-free website viewing experience, some of the best web developers introduced a set of themes that can be chosen, based on the user’s preferences! Likewise, for the year 2021, the darker mode is more likely to stay in the trend and it is all due to the fact that it causes lesser eye-strain and appears more convenient for the users to scroll through the digital content.

JS Frameworks

Today, there is no need for web developers to work on different web development codes, now there are plenty of Javascript frameworks that are available today, which makes it easier for web developers to make great websites and web applications, using the pre-designed web development codes! Thereby, these JS frameworks, not only save a lot of web development time but also, brings convenience into the system. One can find some of the best web developers in India, who all are well-versed with the JS frameworks.

Web-Based Notification

Don’t you wish that your customers get all the updates that you make in your business? Surely you do, but have you ever thought about how you can keep the customers updated? Well, hereby, the concept of push notifications comes into the picture, which provides the user with real-time updates about their business, the moment they access the web browser.

Optimize the Website

As defined under the requirement engineering process, there are certain quality attributes that are although not stated by the client, but, are believed to be taken care of from the client-side! For example, the client would talk about web design, content, and features, but at the same time, he would expect that the website loads and unloads in minimum time. Thus, this year and further, web optimization will remain one of the top ten web development trends for 2021.

Single Page Application

Have you ever observed the pattern and the format that is used over the Facebook, Gmail, and Google Map interface? What’s common among them? What other web developers can learn from it? Well, all these interfaces are based on Single Page applications! This application eliminates the need to load multiple pages and renders multiple pages straight across the browser! This website development trend for 2021 is most likely to stay for now and further one can find some of the best web developers in India bringing great Single Page Applications (SPA) for today’s businesses.

Motion User Interface (UI)

If we talk about what kind of digital content attracts the users, then, it’s undoubtedly the videos, animation, and other such graphic content that appears more lively to the users! Hereby, the concept of Motion UI comes into the picture, which makes the website appears more lively and attractive to the users! One can find some of the best website developers in India, who actually understand this trend and can surely uplift those businesses, who have been struggling to find better customer engagement.

Enhance Website Security

A fresh new year undoubtedly brings us great opportunities, but at the same time, it brings us some challenges! Likewise, this year and further, we will be observing more cybersecurity threats, and thereby, it would become necessary for web developers to ingrain web security plug-ins in the web development process.

Mobile-Friendly Webpages

As the total number of mobile users is growing, there is an utmost requirement for business professionals to ensure that their services are easily accessible from a mobile device! Hereby, a business website can be made accessible via a mobile device, which makes it easier for users to access the website, even if they do not have a desktop system! This is one of the web development trends that would stay among the top hits for the year 2021 and further!

Automated Customer Support

Unlike the past days, where the business owners had no choice but to hire a pool of customer service representatives, that used to cost them way too much and was also time-consuming, but now things have changed! With the introduction of automated chatbots, the conversation between the customer and business professionals, no more require a customer service representative, it can be automated with the help of an AI-based chatbot system.

Ingrain Voice Search Feature

The way voice assistants has simplified our lives can never be defined in words! It has changed the way we as users used to interact with technology, mobile devices, and other such digital interfaces! Now, how if we define this concept with reference to the website? Wouldn’t that be a very interesting thing, if one adds up a feature that would allow the users to scroll across all the features stated over the website via voice commands? Surely it will and this will thereby remain among the top ten web development trends for 2021 and further, for those who have been looking for web development services in India.


Now since everything is getting digitalized, it’s time to embrace it across the present business domain, and hereby, having a business website ingrained with the latest trends can be a great idea. In this frame, there are some of the best web development companies in India, which has been offering the best web development services for the past several years. Likewise, Clover IT Services is one such web development company in India that follows up with the above-stated web development trends and brings a great website for businesses across different domains.

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