Top 7 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021

While web development is considered as one of the most dynamically changing fields, it might become quite difficult for the developers to cope with these changes and bring out the best of their acquired skills to complete the web development project in the best possible form. To simplify this process and make it easier for the developers to align their web development services with the latest web development trends, we have framed out the list of top 7 web development trends to expect in 2021. In addition to this, we will be talking about the best web development companies in India to choose, for making your business website development task take the best possible form.

Motion UI

In an attempt to make the websites appear more alluring, engaging, and interesting to the users, there is a wide range of pre-defined animation themes called Motion UI, that can be employed by the web developers. The significance of Motion UI can be further realized by the fact that digital content like videos, animation, and other such graphic content makes the website appears more lively to the users and improves the user experience in a defined way. In this context, one can find some of the best website developers in India, who actually understand this trend and can surely uplift those businesses, who have been struggling to find better customer engagement.

Dark Theme-UI

In the search for a more convenient and hassle-free website viewing experience, some of the best web developers introduced a set of themes that can be chosen, based on the user’s preferences! Likewise, for the year 2021, the dark-themed websites, which were once defined specifically in the context of mobile devices are now being defined for the website and it is more likely to stay in the trend for this year and further. The primary reason why this trend would survive this year and further is that this theme causes lesser eye strain and appears more convenient for the users to scroll through the digital content.

Push Notification

One of the core steps in improving the customer engagement rate is undoubtedly informing the customers about the recent product launches, service upgradations, trending offers, and other such important updates. But hereby, the thing that worries one is finding the way to communicate with the customers. In this perspective, “Push Notification” emerge as an important concept that allows the customers to get all the updates that you make in your business and further provides the user with real-time updates in the business offerings, the moment they access the web browser. As per some of the best web developers in India, it is believed that push notifications can improve the customer experience, user engagement rate and generate more business leads in a more pronounced manner, thereby, this would remain among the top 7 web development trends for the year 2021 and further.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Ever since the potential of AI has been realized beyond gaming and analytics, customer assistance services have completely revolutionized. Thereby, unlike the past days where the business owners had no choice but to hire a pool of customer service representatives, that used to cost them way too much and was also time-consuming, but now things have changed! With the introduction of AI-based chatbots, the conversation between the customers and business representatives, no more require a customer service representative, it can be automated with the help of an AI-based chatbot system. It is thereby expected that in 2021 and further, interacting with the customers would be more, streamlined and efficient with the presence of Chatbots.

Single Page Websites

If we observe the web structure of some of the very common websites that we use today, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Google Map, then we would definitely find it quite convenient to use, navigate, and access! So, what’s common among them? What other web developers can learn from them? Well, all these websites follow a single-page web structure, which costs less in comparison to the other web structures, appears more simple, and takes effectively lower time for loading and unloading. As per some of the top-notch web developers from the best web development companies in India, Single Page Websites would remain among the top 7 website development trend for 2021 and further.

Javascript Frameworks

If we talk about the most common concerns of web developers, then it’s undoubtedly working over a wide range of web development codes! However, things have changed now, we are now having plenty of Javascript frameworks which makes it easier for web developers to make great websites and web applications, using the pre-designed web development codes! Thereby, these JS frameworks, not only save a lot of web development time but also, brings convenience into the system. One can find some of the best web developers in India, who all are well-versed with the JS frameworks and make one’s business website a big success for them.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Prior to announcing the website to the world, it’s very important to check out the effectiveness of the website over the applicable platforms. Hereby, it’s important to make the website aligned with all the mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, desktops, and others. As per some of the best web developers in India, this year and further mobile-friendly websites would remain among the top trends and this would make the business website accessible via a mobile device, which would make it easier for users to access the website, even if they do not have a desktop or PC!


From push notifications to employing dark theme UI, there some very interesting web development trends that can make the web development process, even more, better and organized. Furthermore, organizations like Clover IT Services emerge as great names for those who have been looking for the best web development company in India to work with. Additionally, the stated 7 web development trends are most likely to stay ahead in 2021 and further for the upcoming years.

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