15 Social Media Advertising Tools That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Many of you would have used social media for sharing views, thoughts, and experiences with your peer groups, but, have you ever thought about its use beyond this space? Well, today, social media is no more confined to chatting and conversing with friends, it’s a great space for business promotion and marketing, provided that one follows the right social media tips. Taking this ahead, here we will be talking about the 15 social media advertising tools that would make your life easier and help you grow your business.

What is Social Media Marketing?

When it comes to stating the social media marketing definition, then, there can be different opinions from people of different business professions. Likewise, some may say that social media marketing is all about brand promotions, others would say, it’s about marketing business products and services. But, it’s something beyond this, social media marketing is the act of reaching interested groups and promoting the business offerings among them. Amidst this, there are some very interesting social media advertising tools that have been discussed in the next section.

What are the Best Social Media Advertising Tools?

By now, you surely would have understood the meaning of social media marketing and now you might be wondering how to do social media marketing, then, here we are with the 15 social media tools to help you understand this field better:-

Facebook Ads Manager App

To begin with, something that we often use and could relate well is the Facebook Ads Manager. This platform allows the sales team to create, publish, and manage their social media advertisements. One can find this platform as an application, over Google Playstore as well as Apple Store, and use it to create fresh advertisements, monitor advertisement performance, update advertisement budgets, and receive push notifications against the already created ads.

Bizcard App

Introduced by one of the IT Giants, Pixel Softwares, this application allows one to create digital business cards, online business profiles and share them over social media, with a single tap. With Bizcard App, one can further list down their products and services and redefine their social media marketing strategy.

Ad Espresso’s Facebook Ads Compass

Simply creating a social media advertisement won’t earn you great results. You need to monitor your progress from time-to-time and hereby, there exists a free social media marketing tool, Ad Espresso’s Facebook Ads Compass. This tool issues a social media marketing report for all your active Facebook ads, which includes how much you have spent on Facebook advertisements, how many impressions you have received, and help you understand whether your spendings have given you the required ROI or not.


Something which appears good undoubtedly leaves a strong impression on the masses. Hereby, there exists one of the best social media marketing tools, called Photopea, which allows one to create attractive visuals, with nice catchy content and post it over the social media platforms.

Quuu Promote

Many complain about poor social media post engagements and hereby, there exists an interesting social media marketing tool called “Quuu Promote”. This tool allows one to receive an ample number of social media post shares in comparison to what one would receive with traditional methods.


Over the years, Twitter has grown into one of the biggest social media platforms, whereby, people of different interest groups collaborate and share their views. Hereby, Tweepi simplifies the social media marketing process for businesses. It allows one to identify the interest groups and filter the connections based on their relevance and eventually help you increase your followers.


For those who look for a single interface to manage all their social media accounts and monitor their social media marketing efforts, Sogro is a great social media marketing tool. This tool permits the users to promote their posts over the chosen social media platforms and gain an impressive number of followers.


There are situations when we have to create and advertise a wide number of social media advertisements and hereby, a tool called Qwaya helps the advertisers to save on the advertising cost. This tool demands monthly fees from the users and against that a wide number of advertisements are posted at no extra cost.

Facebook Exclusion Targeting

At times, you would have faced the requirement of custom advertisements, hereby, there exists a feature called “Facebook Exclusion Targeting”, which is although not to be considered as a tool, rather it’s a very interesting feature. This feature allows you to exclude a certain number of individuals from your advertisements and target a specific group.


Sometimes, one needs to move beyond images and promote a business via video-based content. Hereby, Biteable emerges as a very good option and allows one to great short videos and other animations for conducting social media marketing activities.


In the initial days, Buffer operated mainly for Twitter, but lately, it allowed the social media marketers to manage social media advertisements over all the social media platforms, track performance, and schedule posts.


Buzzsumo is another interesting social media marketing tool that does content research for you and presents an informative picture in front of the social media marketers, over what kind of content they must put and how to engage more users with the social media post.


Ever since Tesla brought the idea of autopilot mode to the automotive industry, people started looking for ingraining this feature across different areas of their lives. Hereby, “Missinglttr” allows the user to automate the social media posting process. Here, all that is required is to post a long blog post and get it segregated into short blog posts, which can be posted for a year long.


Another interesting social media advertising tool is MeetEdgar, which allows users to schedule their social media posts, repost and engage more social media traffic. Hereby, one needs to prepare a scheduling plan and later, MeetEdgar takes care of all.


Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for social media marketers to track all their progress over multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Hereby, Hootsuite resolves this issue and allows the users to manage all their social media accounts using a single login simultaneously.


With over 40 percent global population active over social media platforms, it has now become important for organizations to plan, organize, and manage their social media profiles wisely. Hereby, there are some important social media marketing tools that can be perceived adequately. Furthermore, one can seek assistance from some of the best social media marketing companies in India to plan their marketing activities accurately.

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